From time to time we get inquiries on whether or not we accept donations to our Commodore Users Group and Computer Club.

The short answer: Yes, we gladly accept donations to our club which can be in the form of money (cash, checks or PayPal), hardware (working or not), software, books or magazines.

Since early April 2010 when the Commodore Computer Club was founded, we’ve received all sorts of generous donations and contributions to our club from the following people:

Donations from Washington State:

  • Aaron M. – Vancouver, WA (Commodore CM-141 color monitor)
  • Andrew P. – Everett, WA (C64 disk software)
  • Arden H. Vancouver, WA (1541 disk drives)
  • Amy L. Vancouver, WA (Commodore 64 and 128 software)
  • Brad M. – Vancouver, WA (Commodore 128 complete in box)
  • Brian B. – Vancouver, WA (Amiga 2000 with monitor, box of Amiga software)
  • Charlie H. – Vancouver, WA (Commodore 64 software, books and manuals)
  • Corey S. – Kelso, WA (multiple C64 computers and power supplies)
  • Dave R. – Vancouver, WA (Amiga 3000 “Pregnant” mouse model 313254-02)
  • Daniel S. – La Center, WA (Boxed C64 games and programs)
  • Don T. – Kirkland, WA (PET computers, CBM hard drives, software and parts)
  • Eric L. – Camas, WA (C64 game cartridges)
  • Erik S. – Nine Mile Falls, WA (Various VIC-20 and C64 software)
  • Gary M. – Vancouver, WA (Commodore VIC-20, C16, VIC-20 cartridges)
  • Jeremy H. – Vancouver, WA (Amiga 1010 disk drive)
  • Jeremy L. – Vancouver, WA (Multiple C128 computers and 1571 disk drives)
  • Gordon S. – Seattle, WA (Retro computer reference books)
  • John H. – Longview, WA (C64 and VIC-20 computer)
  • Laurence R. – Mill Creek, WA (C64 game cartridges)
  • Martha M. – Vancouver, WA (Commodore 128, 1571 disk drive, software)
  • Mike D. – Vancouver, WA (Joysticks for C64 and VIC-20 computers)
  • Paige B. – Seattle, WA (Amiga 2000HD and Amiga 3000)
  • Peter W. – Camas, WA (Commodore 64 and 1541 disk drive)
  • Rebecca D. – Vancouver, WA (Amiga 1000 and software)
  • Richard S. – Vancouver, WA (Amiga hardware and software)
  • Rick W. – Vancouver, WA (box of joysticks and paddle controllers)
  • Ron M. – La Center, WA (various C64 hardware, software and printers)
  • Sarah C. – Camas, WA – (Amiga games, manuals and magazines)
  • Scott S. – Vancouver, WA (Commodore SX-64 / non working for parts)
  • Seth D. – Vancouver, WA (Amiga hardware and software)
  • Steve R. – Spokane, WA (C64 game cartridges)
  • Terry M. – Vancouver, WA (C64, C128, SX-64, various books and manuals)
  • Tom M. – Yakima, WA (Commodore books, magazines and hardware)
  • Tom T. – Aberdeen, WA (Amiga 2000, Amiga 3000, 1084S monitor)
  • Wendy B. – Southworth, WA (C64 disk software)
  • Zachary G. – Vancouver, WA (C64, 1702 monitor, 1541 disk drive)

Donations from Oregon State:

  • Alan J. – Tigard, OR (Commodore 64c, 1541c disk drive, box of software)
  • Bill H. – Milwaukie, OR (Various Commodore hardware and software)
  • Charles S. – Portland, OR (SX-64 Executive Computer)
  • Chad E. – Portland, OR (Suncom Animation Station Complete In Box)
  • Chuck V. – Gladstone, OR (Commodore VIC-20 cartridges)
  • Cory E. – Salem, OR (C64 game cartridges)
  • Dan O. – Hillsboro, OR (1702 monitor and VIC-20 rainbow label)
  • Darrin C. – Portland, OR (C64, VIC-20, box of games on cassette and disks)
  • Dennis R. – Woodburn, OR (Commodore 128, 1571 disk drive, color monitor)
  • Earl E. – Tigard, OR (Various Commodore hardware)
  • Frank C. – Happy Valley, OR (Commodore 64 hardare and software)
  • George R. – Hillsboro, OR (Educator 64 – C64 in a PET case)
  • Hans C. – Beaverton, OR (Amiga video cable)
  • Jennifer H. – Beaverton, OR (Commodore VIC-20 cartridges and books)
  • Jeremy K. – Bend, OR (Various Commodore 64 hardware)
  • Jim P. – Portland, OR (Commodore 128 hardware, software and books)
  • Jim T. – Beaverton, OR (1701 monitor, C64, 1541 disk drive, game cartridges)
  • Josh P. – Portland, OR (C64 hardware and software)
  • Ken H. – Portland, OR (Amiga 2000, 1084S monitior and Amiga software)
  • Kevin S. – Portland, OR (VIC-20 computer)
  • Lorin B. – Portland, OR (Commodore 128 and 1571 disk drive)
  • Lyn C. – Happy Valley, OR (Amiga monitor, books and software)
  • Mark W. – Beaverton, OR (Amiga 500, software and C64 computer)
  • Matt B. – Bay City, OR (Commodore hardware, software and cables)
  • Michael G. – Portland, OR (Commodore hardware, software and accessories)
  • Mike L. – Tigard, OR (Commodore 128, box of C64 and C128 software)
  • Mike M. – Tualatin, OR (VIC-20, C128, C2N/1530 datassette, manuals, software)
  • Mike S. – Portland, OR (C128, 1571 disk drive, cartridge and disk games)
  • Nick K. – Portland, OR (Commodore VIC-20 cartridges)
  • Patrick K. – Portland, OR (1701 monitor, VIC-20, Amiga software)
  • Sal E. – Canby, OR – (Commodore 64 and C64 game cartridges)
  • Sam B. – Beaverton, OR (Boxed C64, 1541, VIC-1520 Printer, cartridges)
  • Scott C. – Portland, OR (C64, 1541 disk drive, 1702 monitor, box of software)
  • Scott F. – Astoria, OR (Various C64 and C128 disk drives and software)
  • Shawn J. – Aloha, OR (Amiga hardware and software)
  • Steve S. – Portland, OR (Commodore 64 cartridges)
  • Suzan L. – Portland, OR (Amiga 1000, 1010 Disk Drive, 1080 monitor)
  • Toby W. – Oregon City, OR (C64 and VIC-20 boxes)
  • Virginia and Chuck S. – Gresham, OR (2 C64’s, 1 VIC-20, 1701 monitor)

Donations from California State:

  • Brandi P. – Mission Viejo, CA (VIC-20 cartridges, VIC-1540 disk drive)
  • Charles G. – Fontana, CA (C64 and C128 LoadStar floppy disks)
  • Cody W. – Huntington Beach, CA (Commodore 64c, 1702 monitor)
  • David B. – Brea, CA – (Amiga 2000 and box of Amiga original software)
  • Frank H. – Placentia, CA – (Commodore 64 and 1541 disk drive – both CIB)
  • Gary O. – Irvine, CA – (C64, game cartridges, floppy disks)
  • Jarrod S. – Orange, CA (1701 and 1702 color monitors)
  • Kevin B. – Fullerton, CA (Commodore 128, 1571 disk drive, box of software)
  • Mike B. – Anaheim, CA (Box of Commodore serial cables)
  • Mike K. – Trabuco Canyon, CA (Game cartridges for the C64 and VIC-20)
  • Pete N. – Yorba Linda, CA (Huge box of VIC-20 and Commodore 64 cartridges)
  • Raymond C. Fresno, CA – (Amiga 500, box of disk software)
  • Richard B. – Pasadena, CA (Commodore 64 original disk software, not copies)
  • Terry M. – Costa Mesa, CA (1541 & 1571 disk drives, Commodore 64, C128)
  • Tony C. – Long Beach, CA (C64 floppy disk and cartridge based software)

Donations from Nevada State:

  • Al J. – Las Vegas, NV (Commodore 5C Newsletter disks on floppy)
  • Danny K. – Las Vegas, NV (Amiga 500 with box of Amiga games)
  • Gordon E. – Las Vegas, NV (C64 game cartridges)
  • Kevin M. – Henderson, NV (Commodore 64 and 128 software)
  • Mike C. – Reno, NV (Commodore 128 and 1571 disk drive)

Donations from New York State:

  • Chris G. – Yonkers, NY (VIC-20 game cartridges)
  • Dan M. – Fulton, NY (Commodore 64 cartridges)
  • Kent N. – Rochester, NY (10 boxes of sealed Kodak Floppy Disks)
  • Steven C. – New York, NY (Boxed Commodore 128 software)
  • Tom D. – Brooklyn, NY (Box of C64 books, manuals and disk software)

Donation list last updated: February 5, 2018

“Thank you” again to the above people for your awesome donations and contributions to our humble little Commodore Computer Club and Users Group. It’s very much appreciated.

How Donations Are Used:

Some might be wondering “what happens with the items that get donated?” to us. Here is a list of what we do with some of our donations:

  • Shared or traded with club members
  • Sold to raise money for the group
  • Given to youth centers or disadvantaged kids
  • Happily used at club meetings and events
  • Some hardware used for repair parts or service

If you’re are interested in Commodore or Amiga items going to a good cause by making a donation or contribution to help support the club, please contact us.

Any donations big or small, it all helps. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.