The future is here: AmigaOS playing a MP3 while Web browsing over WiFi on an A600 with the KIPPER Vampire II FPGA Hardware Accelerator card:

Amiga 600 KIPPER Viper II FPGA Board - Commodore Computer Club

Commodore Computer Club member Aaron installed the KIPPER Vampire II card into his Amiga 600 computer at the recent C64 Club meeting. Pretty cool!

The Apollo Core / Apollo Accelerator Vampire II HW Accelerator built and sold by KIPPER has the following features:

  • 128 MB Fastmem RAM
  • Digital video output
  • SD card for HDD storage
  • 64-bit core, full 32-bit compatibility
  • Directly update core from the Amiga without need for external programmer
  • FPU and 16-bit Audio is planned for future updates

The A600 Vampire II will sit on top of your original CPU and take full control of your Amiga. Such an awesome piece of kit!

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