That’s right C64 Friends, earlier this afternoon as this blog post title suggests, a very low serial number Commodore 64 Silver Label was found in the wild:

Commodore 64 Silver Label VIC-20 Keyboard - Commodore Computer Club

Commodore 64 Silver Label Serial Number - Commodore Computer Club

Below are some of the geeky technical specifications that a lot of retro Commodore Computer Collectors want to know:

  • Serial Number: S00006011
  • Case Country of Origin: Made in USA
  • Board Assembly: 326298 (1982). This is the original “buggy” board
  • Board Revision: Rev C
  • Badge Type: Silver Metal
  • Keyboard Type: VIC keys (orange function keys)

Here’s an up close picture showing the case serial number sticker:

Commodore 64 Silver Label Serial Number - Commodore Computer Club

This thing is really clean too! It did need a light wiping down on the case from dust and of course I opened it up to blow out any dust, check chip date codes, board revision information, etc.

Speaking of chips and date codes, the chips are original MOS with early 1982 date codes. Pretty cool! Pictures of the board and chips to be posted soon.

I’m very happy to have found a nice working C64 Silver Label. It will be staying in my personal collection that’s for sure!

At a later date I’ll post more pictures showing the PCB and chip date codes, but for now I’m going to play some Space Taxi on this beauty…

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