Check it out! A Commodore 64 / SX-64 Executive Computer controlling a car wash:

The car wash is a product from the company Staudinger GmbH. Staudinger makes educational models that can be controlled with a PLC.

The car wash has 6 inputs and 6 outputs. The portal can drive left and right. The horizontal brush can move up and down. The horizontal and vertical brushes can spin. There is detection at the begin and end of the portal, top / bottom detection for the vertical brush and a height detection for the car.

The car wash is sold in the Netherlands by the company Edutec. Normally the car wash is controlled with a Siemens LOGO! or a Moeler Easy PLC.

Here’s another video showing the car wash from a different angle:

All I can say is this is a pretty cool use of a Commodore 64 computer. It’s nice seeing new technology used with retro Commodore computer technology.

You can find out more by viewing this source link.

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