Recently Commodore computer club member Brandon picked up a vintage CBM PET 8032. The machine was in nice working condition but the PCB was really dirty as seen here:

CBM PCB Mother Board - Commodore Computer Club

Yikes! 30 years of dust and dirt from probably being stored in an outside storage shed, however thanks to the wonders of modern cleaning technology and a few hours of time:

CBM PCB Mother Board - Commodore Computer Club

As you can see the mother board now looks like it came right off the Commodore production line. Factory fresh. Brandon even cleaned up the inside of the computer housing. Sweet!

These amazing results seen here were achieved by using electronic equipment cleaning wipes, Isopropyl alcohol spray, a tooth brush, Simple Green, rags and a lot of elbow grease.

It’s not shown in these pictures, but he also refurbished the CBM 8032 keyboard by taking it apart and cleaned every key top, spring, plunger, plastic shaft, conductive rubber tip and circuit board.

Moral of the story? Thanks to Commodore enthusiasts like Brandon and other members of our retro computer club, another PET has been saved from a landfill.

If you’d like to have some fun cleaning your retro computer equipment, why not come to our next PDX Commodore Users Group meeting in Vancouver, WA? You’ll have a fun time guaranteed!

*Pictures courtesy of Commodore computer club member Brandon

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