A lot of people ask me when I got into the Commodore 64 computer and I tell them it was around December 1983 because that’s when I received my first C64 from my grand parents.

Looking through some old photo albums this evening that I received from my grand mother a few years ago titled “This is your life Sean”, I came across this old Polaroid picture:

Commodore 64 Christmas 1983

Ah, Christmas morning 1983 opening up my first Commodore 64 computer. Check out all that late 1970’s furniture and shag carpet. I’m even wearing checkered Vans Slip-On sneakers.

If you look in the background on the floor, you can see the box for the Commodore data set that I received at the same time. Man that thing was slow. I recall a few weeks later my grand parents purchased me the VIC-1541 disk drive because of the load times.

Also, the gentleman in the background is my grand father (RIP). If it wasn’t for my grand parents, I probably wouldn’t be into Commodore computers as much today.

Back in those days I was using Apple IIe’s in Elementary school and they cost way more then my family could afford. As Commodore founder Jack Tramiel use to say:

Commodore computers are for the masses, not the classes

So in closing, “thank you grandma and grandpa” for my first Commodore 64 computer and “thank you Jack Tramiel” for making it affordable for them to buy me one.

I’m going to be bringing my original C64 system and VIC-1541 to the next Commodore Computer Club and Users Group meeting, so if you’re in the area, come and check it out.

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