With Christmas just around the corner, the Commodore Computer Club wanted to showcase a few holiday C64 themed sprite graphics and 8-bit SID music demos.

All these demos can be loaded using a real C64 computer with a 1541 disk drive, you can load them off the internet using your Commodore Flyer and/or directly from the Flyer on-board storage, an EasyFlash 3 cartridge or even with an emulator on a modern day computer.

SX-64 Christmas Demo (1982):

C64 SX-64 Christmas Demo - Commodore Computer Club

Jingle Disk (1985):

C64 Christmas Jingle Disk Demos - Commodore Computer Club

Twisted Christmas 88 (1988):

C64 Twisted Christmas 88 Demos - Commodore Computer Club

Twisted Christmas II (1989):

C64 Twisted Christmas II Demos - Commodore Computer Club

John Henry Christmas Carols (1984):

C64 John Henry Christmas Carols Demos - Commodore Computer Club

Waveform Christmas Hits’ (1984):

C64 Waveform Christmas Hits Demo - Commodore Computer Club

For those who are interested, you can download a zip file that contains all the .D64 disk images for everything we’ve showcased.

The Commodore Computer Club and Northwest retro computing club hope that everyone has a safe and fun Christmas Holiday.

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