Currently we meet at my house or other members homes (addresses will not be posted on the web for privacy reasons) until a local pizza place that’s getting remodeled finishes up the new back room.

The owners will let us use the room free of charge. All we have to do is order food or drinks. The prices are really good too, plus they have lots of tables to set up various Commodore computers, available electrical outlets, a jukebox, video games and pinball machines.

As of now we get together every Friday between 5:00 pm PST and 7:00 pm PST depending on when people get off work, etc and we go well into the night… sometimes until 1:00 am PST or 2:00 am PST.

Once the pizza place is ready to roll, the plan is for us to only meet the first Friday of every month, around 6:00 pm PST and go until the sun comes up or we get kicked out.

At our Commodore Club meetings we help each other out with needed repairs and/or modifications to our Commodore 64 computers and accessories, play disk and cartridge based video games, show off graphics and music demos and of course talk. We also buy, sell and trade various Commodore hardware and software.

As a side note, we also discuss the Atari 2600, Atari 8-bit computers, Vectrex consoles, various homebrew games, hacks, video modifications, etc. When the mood strikes, we even play video games on other retro systems and computers.

If you’re in the Vancouver, Washington or Portland, Oregon area and would like to come check out one of our meetings, drop me a line for location information.

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