Recently I was looking back through some of the pictures from our first year as a Commodore Computer Club and Users Group. We’ve had a lot of great meetings and events the past year.

I thought it would be pretty cool to show off a few of my favorite memorable moments from 2010 that caught my eye. Enjoy the memories:

Pete Brown, Microsoft Developer Community Program Manager showing off his Commodore 64 Emulator which is a Silverlight, WPF and Windows Phone 7 based project:

Pete Brown - Commodore 64 Emulator

Jason Scott, digital historian and archivist signing my DVD “Get Lamp: A Documentary About Adventures In Text” along with the individually numbered collectible coin (#2220):

Get Lamp DVD by Jason Scott - Commodore Computer Club

Jeri Ellsworth hardware designer (Commodore C-One) showing off some pretty rad C64DTV Easter eggs which she also designed:

Jeri Ellsworth C64DTV - Commodore Computer Club

Robert Bernardo from the FCUG – Fresno Commodore Users Group made a 10+ hour drive to attend the June 2010 Commodore Computer Club meeting:

Robert Bernardo from the FCUG - Commodore Computer Club

Longtime Commodore Computer Club member Kevin Savetz ( doing his vintage computer presentation featuring Atari 8-bit computers:

Kevin Savetz - Commodore Computer Club

We kicked up the jams with Shredz64 using the PSX64 designed by Toni Westbrook:

Shredz64 Gameplay - Commodore Computer Club

Introducing a new generation of kids to the wonderful world of Commodore computers:

Kids playing games on Commodore computers

Earl Evans from The Retrobits Podcast did a retro bits presentation:

Retrobits PowerPoint - Commodore Computer Club

Commodore Computer Club members had the opportunity to meet Imagic’s Bob Smith who programmed the game Dragonfire:

Imagic Bob Smith - PRGE 2010: Commodore Computer Club

Commodore PET computer which was used for our Commodore Computer Club War Games demonstration:

War Games - Shall We Play A Game? - Commodore Computer Club

Showing off our Commodore Computer Club banner to thousands of people at various retro gaming expos:

PRGE 2010: Commodore Computer Club

Of course these pictures barely scratch the surface of all the awesome things we’ve achieved and done in the club. I could spend hours looking back through all the pictures and posts.

If you would like to see more memorable moments with links from past meetings and events for the PDX Commodore Users Group and Computer Club, check out our extensive timeline.

For even more fun and excitement, why not attend a future Commodore Computer Club meeting? You’ll be guaranteed a great time!

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