The Educator 64, also called CBM 4064 and PET 64 was Commodore’s second attempt to sell a C64 based system to U.S. schools and to compete with the Apple II computer.

Commodore Educator 64 - Commodore Computer Club

The innards of the Educator 64 were basically refurbished Commodore 64 motherboards and monochromatic green monitors placed inside PET 4000 cases:

Inside The Educator 64 - Commodore Computer Club

Keep in mind there are other minor differences between the Educator 64 and original breadbox Commodore 64 which are the following:

  • Graphics capabilities
  • Built-in speaker
  • Sound amplifier with volume control
  • 1/8-inch mini-jack for mono sound output to headphones
  • Internal power supply

The Educator 64 keyboard is also missing the color abbreviations imprinted on the front edge of the number keys, however you could probably swap out the keyboard if you really wanted.

In closing you’ll be able to play around with the Educator 64 at upcoming Commodore Computer Club meetings, so be sure to come and join in on the retro computing fun.

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