Released today from the Commodore computer homebrew scene comes the Imagic classic game Cosmic Ark for the C64, which is currently in the BETA 1 stage:

Commodore Cosmic Ark C64 Remake - Commodore Computer Club

Even though this release is still BETA, it’s very playable. It’s so awesome seeing new and/or game remakes for a 30 year old piece of computer hardware!

Here’s a little information from the developer Max Hall from the Commodore 64 Scene Database (CSDB) on the game and controls:

Control your ship using Joystick in Port II, pick up creatures by pressing fire and a beam will appear. Make sure that beam is over creature for a few seconds as you beam them up. When both creatures are picked up you can enter the mothership to go to the Asteroid level. You may run out of time collecting creatures in which case a alarm will sound and you have to get back in mothership as soon as possible. When on Asteroid level just shoot asteroids by using joystick directions, (up, down, left, right) to proceed to next level.

Since this is a BETA release there are still a few little bugs, but Max says any reported bugs will be fixed in a newer version. Pretty cool!

“Cosmic Ark C64 Remake” loads and runs fine using the Commodore Flyer, however there is some flicker on the title screen, but if you press the fire button to start the game, it plays fine without flicker in the actual gameplay.

You can download the D64 or PRG file from the Cosmic Ark C64 page and give it a test.

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