Dave Moorman, last editor of Loadstar – the monthly Commodore disk magazine, has made available a number of issues on-line, ready to download as .D81’s. Each .D81 is packed with commentary, graphics, and programs:

LoadStar C64 C128 Disks - Commodore Computer Club

The disks start from issue 170 and continue through the Dave Moorman years with issues 200 to the last issue 250. That’s from 1998 to 2008.

Loadstar Monthly Disk Magazine for the Commodore 64 began in 1984 – and continued to 2007 – publishing 248 issues packed to the BAM (Block Access Manager) with games, applications, articles, entertainments, and tutorials. We have here a number of issues for your enjoyment, available in *.D81 file format. These files work just like a 1581 disk on a VICE Emulator.

Go to http://loadstargallery.webs.com/ to download the disk images.

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