For the past couple of months we’ve been getting together every Friday between 6:00 pm PST and 7:00 pm PST in Vancouver, WA at my home depending on when people get off work, etc and we go well into the night… sometimes until 1:00 am PST or 2:00 am PST.

Starting Friday June 25, 2010 we will be meeting at Pied Piper Pizza, a local pizza place in Vancouver, Washington which is approximately 20 minutes from Portland, Oregon:

Pied Piper Pizza – 12300 NE Fourth Plain Rd. Vancouver, WA 98682 – Get directions.

The owners let us use one of their private banquet rooms free of charge. All we have to do is order food or drinks. They have something on the menu for everyone. The prices are really good too, plus they have lots of tables, available electrical outlets, and an arcade with video games, dart boards and pinball machines.

Confirmed hardware that will be at the meeting:

  • 2 – Commodore SX-64 (Executive 64) computers
  • 1 – Commodore 64c (C64c) with 1541c disk drive
  • 1 – Commodore 1581 disk drive
  • 3 – 1702 Commodore monitors (possibly 4)
  • 50+ cartridges and disk software
  • Plus some other surprises

Feel free to bring your Commodore hardware and software to the meeting. We’ll have plenty of room and electrical outlets but if you don’t have anything to bring, still come as there will be plenty of hardware for people to use.

As an added bonus, special guest Robert Bernardo from the FCUG – Fresno Commodore Users Group will be present at the June 25 meeting.

Please note: starting July 2010 we will meet the first Friday of every month (no more every Friday). Meetings typically start at 6:00 pm PST and go until midnight (closing time). The first meeting with the new schedule (first Friday of every month) will be on Friday July 2, 2010.

Find out more by checking out our meeting page which has directions and more detailed information.

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