It’s that time again Commodore computer hackers and enthusiasts from the PDX Vancouver,WA and Portland, OR metro area… Commodore Computer Club and Users Group meeting time!

We meet at Pied Piper Pizza, a totally rad local pizza place in Vancouver, Washington that’s approximately 20-30 minutes from PDX – Portland, Oregon:

Pied Piper Pizza
12300 NE Fourth Plain Rd.
Vancouver, WA 98682
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Members and guests from the Portland, OR metro area typically show up between 6:30 pm – 7:00 pm PST due to the bridge work happening on both the 205 and 5 freeways. With that in mind, please allow for a little extra drive time with traffic.

Confirmed hardware, software and game cartridges that will be at the September 3, 2010 Commodore Users Group and Computer Club meeting:

  • Commodore Vic-20 computer
  • 20+ Vic 20 game cartridges
  • Commodore SX-64 (Executive 64) computer
  • Commodore 64c (C64c) with 1541c disk drive
  • 50+ C64 game and utility cartridges
  • MSD SD-2 Super Disk Drive (22 second verified backups)
  • Various Commodore programs on floppy disk
  • Shredz64 software and the PSX64
  • MSD SD-2 Super Disk Drive
  • Vectrex (vector based video game console)

There is also a few scheduled demos and presentations for the upcoming meeting, but I’ll keep the specifics under wraps for now until we get a little closer to the meeting.

However if you’ve been to previous meetings, you know when I mention demos, presentations or special guests, you should “for sure” come to the meetings :)

Be prepared to rock out on the Commodore 64 with Shredz64 using the PSX64 designed by Toni Westbrook. Shredz64 is basically Guitar Hero and Rock Band for the C64 using SID music!

Usually at the meetings I’ll bring a “non Commodore computer” related retro piece of hardware to show off. Sometimes it’s an Atari 2600 heavy sixer or a Sears Video Arcade but at this upcoming meeting I’m bringing a 1982 Vectrex and a bunch of vector graphic based video games.

If you have any Commodore hardware or software, bring it along. There is always plenty of room, tables and electrical outlets. If you have something that needs repair or service, bring that too as we can perform most repairs and services on Commodore equipment at our meetings.

For additional details, directions, etc, please check out the Commodore Computer Club meetings page.

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We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting on Friday September 3, 2010.

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