Greetings Commodore Friends! Below you can check out the pictures showcasing our August 1, 2014 Commodore Computer Meeting, enjoy!

One of the earlier members to the club, Tommy playing a Commodore Computer Club favorite, Space Taxi on the JiffyDOS enhanced C64:

Tommy playing C64 Space Taxi Game - Commodore Computer Club

One of the many boxes of Commodore loot for our buy, sell, trade and free tables:

Buy, Sell, Trade and Free Tables - Commodore Computer Club

C64 Direct-to-TV C64DTV (hardware design by Jeri Ellsworth):

C64 Direct-to-TV C64DTV hardware design by Jeri Ellsworth - Commodore Computer Club

In all the years Tommy has played Space Taxi, this was the first time he had ever finished the game. Just look at his excitement! Congratulations Tommy!

C64 Space Taxi Ending Screen - Commodore Computer Club

Captain Morgan enjoying a cool refreshing beer (yes he’s at least 21 LOL) while playing games on the Apple IIgs at the meeting:

Captain Morgan with a beer - Commodore Computer Club

Various club members and guests socializing while setting up computers and consoles to enjoy:

Members socializing - Commodore Computer Club

Here we can see C64 Club member Jeff setting up 3 Commodore 128 C128 computers:

Lots of C128 machines - Commodore Computer Club

Check it out, a custom Atari Jaguar with Jaguar CD add-on being showcased at the meeting courtesy of Paul, one of our newer members to the club:

Paul's Atari Jaguar CD Console Commodore Computer Club

Up close and personal with Paul’s Atari Jaguar CD console setup in a white dental case:

Atari Jaguar CD Console - Commodore Computer Club

Tommy and Paul checking out the Atari 800XL computer presentation:

Atari 800XL Presentation - Commodore Computer Club

At the meeting both Conrad and Paul are enjoying some tasty food provided by Pied Piper Pizza. We can see Paul giving a big “thumbs up” for Commodore computers and Conrad:

Conrad and Paul - Commodore Computer Club

Members Michael, Dan and Mike socializing at the monthly C64 Club meeting:

Friends socializing - Commodore Computer Club

A club favorite, Lemmings being played on a Commodore Amiga 500 computer:

Amiga 500 Lemmings Game - Commodore Computer Club

An Amiga enthusiast presenting one of his Amiga 2000 computers showcasing the Amiga logo and desktop on a giant color LCD screen:

Amiga 200 - Commodore Computer Club

Jonathan showing of his new Apple II platinum computer with two disk drives and color monitor to Jeff at the Commodore C64 Club meeting:

Apple II Platinum - Commodore Computer Club

Club members, guests and friends socializing at the monthly C64 Club meeting:

Members, Guests and Friends - Commodore Computer Club

Commodore 64 computer, with JiffyDOS and an EasyFlash 3 cartridge serving up endless hours of retro gaming fun:

EasyFlash 3 Cartridge - Commodore Computer Club

Here’s an up close picture of the Commodore 64 JiffyDOS toggle switch and red reset button:

JiffyDOS switch and Reset button - Commodore Computer Club

In this picture we can see Morgan, Michael, Mike and Dan socializing at the meeting:

Club Members and Friends Socializing - Commodore Computer Club

Paul playing Jupiter Lander on a Commodore 64c computer using an EPYX joystick:

Paul playing Jupiter Lander on C64c - Commodore Computer Club

Jeff and Dan socializing over some tasty food and drinks at Pied Piper Pizza:

Jeff, Dan and Pied Piper Pizza - Commodore Computer Club

Here’s a picture showing Commodore Computer Club members, friends and guests hanging out at the meeting:

Commodore Friends - Commodore Computer Club

Here are some of Paul’s Atari 800XL computer game cartridges being showcased: Space Harrier, Tempest and Joust marked not for sale because of rarity:

Atari 800XL Game Cartridges Space Harrier, Tempest and Joust - Commodore Computer Club

Always a wonderful turnout, here’s another picture showing club members playing games on various Commodore, Amiga and Atari computers:

Commodore Friends - Commodore Computer Club

Conrad playing a game on the Atari Jaguar CD while Paul holds a CD pointing at Conrad. Does that CD say CGE on it?

Conrad CGE CD's - Commodore Computer Club

The ladies playing the fun Lemmings game on one of the many Commodore Amiga 500’s at the C64 Club meeting:

Ladies Playing Lemmings on Amiga 500 - Commodore Computer Club

A picture showing part of the coin-op arcade and pinball machine room at Pied Piper Pizza. Games featured: Simpson’s, Rush 2049, Big Buck Hunter Pinball and Demolish Fist:

Simpson's, Rush 2049, Big Buck Hunter Pinball, Demolish Fist Coin-Op Arcade Games - Commodore Computer Club

Paul is sad because there isn’t more Atari stuff at the Commodore Computer Club meeting LOL:

Commodore Computer Club

A huge “Thank You” to everyone from the Pacific Northwest and surrounding area who continue to support and attend our Commodore Computer Club meetings. It’s really appreciated.

Our next scheduled meeting will be September 5, 2014. We hope to see you at the next meeting! Come to learn, come to share.

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