Greetings Commodore friends from near and far! Below are the highlights from our August 5, 2011 Commodore Computer Club and Users Group meeting:

  • Show and Tell with club member hardware, software and more
  • Game time on the NEC Turbografx-16 retro console
  • Enjoyed some game time on the Commodore 64
  • VIC 20 Mega-Cart cartridge with 100’s games got a lot of play
  • Tinker Time: Hacking, Coding, Exploring new hardware, Cleaning of equipment
  • A lot of buy, sell, trade and free deals took place
  • All you can eat Pied Piper Pizza dinner buffet enjoyed by all
  • Beer and wine (for the 21 and older crowd) was consumed :)

We also enjoyed a few club member presentations and demos:

  • Commodore Club Member Show & Tell
  • TurboExpress TG16 handheld demo
  • Hands on with Flyer (formerly Pilot) internet device
  • Restoring a CBM PET 8032 computer
  • Amiga 1000 (A1000) hardware modifications

Now it’s time to check out some photos showing all the geeky goodness everyone had at the PDX Commodore computer club meeting. Enjoy!

In this picture you can see a Commodore SX-64 Executive, gold label VIC-20, rare MSD SD-2, 1541 with JiffyDOS, Commodore 64 and an NEC TurboGrafx-16:

SX-64, VIC-20, MSD SD-2, 1541, C64, TurboGrafx-16 - Commodore Computer Club

Playing some Defender on the Commodore 64 using one of the many EasyFlash cartridges on hand for members and guests to use:

C64 Defender gameplay - Commodore Computer Club

Here’s Earl Evans (Retrobits Podcast) and Jeff from Seattle, WA enjoying some cool refreshing beer and geeky discussions:

C64 Club members and guests - Commodore Computer Club

Buy, sell, trade and free deals are always a hit at the Commodore computer club and Users Group meetings:

buy, sell, trade, free tables - Commodore Computer Club

Club members, guests and friends socializing at the meeting while enjoying some tasty Pied Piper food and drinks:

C64 Club members and guests socializing- Commodore Computer Club

Long standing member Dan from Beaverton, OR, John Hancock and his son Justice from Longview, WA having a good time and all smiles:

C64 members being social - Commodore Computer Club

Members, guests and friends having an awesome time at our monthly Commodore computer club meeting. We always have a fun time hanging out with our Commodore friends:

C64 friends being social - Commodore Computer Club

Here’s Justice, our youngest Commodore club member getting ready to play some Artillery Duel on the VIC-20 using the Mega-Cart:

Justice playing games - Commodore Computer Club

Commodore friends and guests relaxing while being social at the meeting:

Members being social - Commodore Computer Club

John Hancock from the Portland Retro Gaming Expo showing off and discussing his latest retro gadget found in the wild:

John Hancock - Commodore Computer Club

Here’s a picture showing members, guests and friends of the Commodore Computer Club roaming around the meeting:

Socializing C64 Friends - Commodore Computer Club

Tommy has been a Commodore computer club member for over a year now and always has the greatest retro t-shirts as seen here with his “My other computer is a Commodore 64” shirt:

Tom with his C64 T-shirt - Commodore Computer Club

Here’s Flyer (formerly Pilot) which is a brand new Commodore hardware device that provides both high speed internet connectivity and drive emulation that’s compatible with the entire line of Commodore 8-bit computers including the PET:

Flyer (Formerly Pilot) - Commodore Computer Club

Brandon doing a demo presentation of his new hardware device Flyer, formerly known as the Pilot for club members and guests. You can also see his newly acquired Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy big box game from the buy, sell, trade and free tables:

Brandon doing a demo presentation - Commodore Computer Club

Club members having a discussion with Brandon about all the cool features for the Commodore Flyer hardware device like IEEE support, high speed internet access, http and FTP:

Member discussions about Flyer by - Commodore Computer Club

Brandon did an amazing job of restoring his CBM PET computer. Looks minty fresh under the hood as seen here in this picture:

CBM PET 8032 - Commodore Computer Club

Morgan and Dan are checking out Ivan’s latest Goodwill find which was a Radio Shack TRS-80 computer in 100% working condition:

Radio Shack TRS-80 - Commodore Computer Club

Radio Shack TRS-80 displaying “Commodore Computer Club” on the LCD which is pretty cool:

Radio Shack TRS-80 - Commodore Computer Club

Up close and personal with Ivan’s Radio Shack TRS-80 computer found in the wild and in perfect working condition:

Radio Shack TRS-80 - Commodore Computer Club

Tommy enjoying a little game time on the Turbografx-16 retro gaming console which was at the meeting and a huge hit with everyone:

Game time with Turbografx-16 console - Commodore Computer Club

Members enjoying game time which is always good. Systems seen here are the Commodore VIC-20 using the Mega-Cart, JiffyDOS powered C64 using an EasyFlash cartridge and the Turbografx-16 gaming console:

Game time with VIC-20, C64, Turbografx-16 - Commodore Computer Club

Tommy playing what looks like Gorf on the C64 and Ian playing Galaga ’90 on the Turbografix-16 retro game system:

Game time with Galaga '90 on the Turbografix-16 - Commodore Computer Club

Enjoying a little Pied Piper Pizza… Pizza Time! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would be so happy right about now:

Pied Piper Pizza - Commodore Computer Club

PDX Commodore Users Group and Computer Club members in Vancouver, WA doing a little socializing at the monthly meeting:

Pacific Northwest Social Group - Commodore Computer Club

Ivan has been working on an Amiga computer project for a while now. He’s adapting a Zorro II interface for the Amiga 1000 which allows adding a SCSI card/drive.

Amiga 1000 A1000 project - Commodore Computer Club

The peripheral Ivan chose to start from was an external memory expansion box (2 MB external RAM) which had a second/free 100pin connector.

This secondary connector (originally intended for adding more memory) has almost all the signals required by the Zorro II interface so he added a small circuit to complete what was missing. w00t for tinker time!

Amiga A1000 SCSI adapter - Commodore Computer Club

As seen here, Ivan finally got it working. He will have detailed documentation at the next Commodore computer club meeting. Nicely done!

Amiga 1000 hardware project - Commodore Computer Club

As always everyone in attendance is having a wonderful time playing games, doing some hardware hacking, tinker time and being geeks with social skills:

C64 friends - Commodore Computer Club

Check it out. Q*Bert being played on the Commodore 64 using an EasyFlash cartridge. The picture on the 1702 monitor is just amazing:

C64 Q*Bert gameplay - Commodore Computer Club

Another picture showing some gameplay of Q*bert on the C64 and Morgan playing Galaga ’90 on the Turbografx-16 TG16 retro gaming console:

Galaga '90 Turbografx-16 - Commodore Computer Club

Everyone who attends our monthly meetings really enjoys having the ability to just relax at the meetings and play some classic video games:

C64 TG16 gameplay - Commodore Computer Club

Jeff and Marcy playing a few games while Tommy and Ian do a little programming on the Commodore 64 computer with expanded BASIC thanks to JiffyDOS:

C64 programming - Commodore Computer Club

“Thank you” to everyone who continues attending our Commodore Computer Club meetings from all over the Pacific Northwest. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

Our next scheduled meeting will be Friday September 2, 2011, so be sure to mark it down on your calendar. We hope to see you at the next meeting! Come to learn, come to share.

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