Greetings fellow retro computing friends! Below are a few pictures taken by one of our C64 Club founding members Tommy at the December 5, 2014 Commodore Computer Meeting, enjoy!

C64 Friends and Long-time Commodore Computer Club members Kevin Savetz, Dan, Paul and Jeff looking through some of the awesome retro computing items at the C64 Club meeting:

Kevin Savetz C64 Friends - Commodore Computer Club

Always fun and a learning experience, retro computer hacking homebrew projects during tinker time at the C64 Club meeting:

Hacking Time Tinker Time - Commodore Computer Club

Marci and Tommy (Space Taxi Champion) having fun at the Commodore Computer Club meeting playing some games on the Sega Genesis with Master System converter:

Marci and Tom  Sega Genesis with Master System converter - Commodore Computer Club

Here we can see Aaron’s Commodore Amiga 500 with Rev 6A motherboard and also his Amiga 3000 computer:

Amiga 500 Rev 6A motherboard and Amiga 3000 - Commodore Computer Club

Paul from the Eight Bit Fix website and Kevin Savetz checking out Gray Chang’s design notebook from Synapse Software who wrote the Atari 8-bit game Claim Jumper in 1982:

Paul Eight Bit Fix and Kevin Savetz - Commodore Computer Club

Up close and personal with Gray Chang’s design notebook from the 1982 Synapse Software Atari 8-bit game Claim Jumper:

Gray Chang's Atari 8-bit game Claim Jumper design notebook - Commodore Computer Club

Giant rubber tubs of Commodore hardware and software for the Buy, Sell, Trade and Free tables at the C64 Club meeting:

Buy, Sell, Trade and Free Tables - Commodore Computer Club

Both Jeff and Mike have been members of the Commodore Computer Club for many years. Here they are checking out some of the cool computers items to buy, sell, trade or give away:

Jeff and Mike Marketplace Tables - Commodore Computer Club

Sal made some retro computer logo T-shirts to sell at various Retro Gaming and Computer Expos. He was kind enough to bring some for Commodore Computer Club members:

Retro Computing T-Shirts - Commodore Computer Club

Always a hit at C64 Club meetings, a fully decked out Amiga 2000 computer showcasing amazing graphics, music and sound for all to enjoy:

Amiga 2000 - Commodore Computer Club

Here’s a Sega Genesis with Master System game converter connected to a Commodore 1702 color monitor and a pile of games for Commodore Computer Club members to enjoy:

Sega Genesis Master System Game Adaper - Commodore Computer Club

A Commodore Computer Club member’s breadbin C64 is about to have a date with a soldering iron during tinker time at the C64 meeting:

C64 Breadbin - Commodore Computer Club

“Thank You” to everyone from the PDX and surrounding areas who have continued to support and attend the Commodore Computer Club meetings since April 2010. It’s really appreciated.

We hope to see you at the next meeting! Come to learn, come to share.

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