Our December 2, 2011 monthly Friday night PDX Commodore Users Group and Computer Club meeting was a great success!

Here’s a brief list detailing out some of the highlights that took place:

  • Started using the larger meeting banquet room #4
  • Played games on multiple Commodore 64’s and 64c’s
  • VIC 20 game time using the Mega-Cart loaded with 100’s games
  • The “Wives Club” (board games, cards, wine, etc.)
  • Game time on a Vectrex video game console
  • A lot of buy, sell, trade and free deals took place
  • All you can eat Pied Piper Pizza dinner buffet enjoyed by all

We also enjoyed the following:

  • C64 Direct-to-TV aka the C64DTV by Jeri Ellsworth
  • EasyFlash game cartridge fun
  • Presentation of Flyer (formerly Pilot) internet device
  • Commodore Amiga 500 A500 games and utilities fun
  • Show and Tell with club member hardware, software and more
  • Showcasing a GCE Vectrex game console
  • Tinker Time: Hacking, Coding, Exploring new hardware, Cleaning of equipment

Check out some of our C64 Club meeting pictures below. Enjoy!

C64 Direct-to-TV C64DTV (hardware design by Jeri Ellsworth), Commodore VIC-20 and a C64 playing Toy Bizarre by Activision:

C64DTV, VIC-20, C64 - Commodore Computer Club

Gordon “gsteemso” Steemson and Ryan “Pinacolada” Sherwood drove down from the Seattle area to attend the Commodore Computer Club meeting in Vancouver, Washington:

Gordon and Ryan - Commodore Computer Club

Morgan and John Hancock checking out the buy, sell, trade and free tables at the meeting:

Morgan, John Hancock, buy sell trade free tables - Commodore Computer Club

Taking a closer look at some of the items up for grabs at the PDX Commodore Users Group buy, sell, trade and free tables:

Buy, Sell, Trade and Free Tables - Commodore Computer Club

In this picture you can see the nice attendance at our recent Commodore Computer Club meeting. We always have a good time socializing:

Members and Guests Socializing - Commodore Computer Club

Doing a little disk copying using the Flyer Internet Modem and the MSD SD-2 floppy disk drive on hand at the meeting:

Flyer Internet Modem, MSD SD-2 Drive - Commodore Computer Club

Morgan playing the classic video game Scramble on the Vectrex game console using the Sean Kelly Vectrex Multi-Cart:

Morgan with Vectrex Sean Kelly Multi-Cart - Commodore Computer Club

Tommy and John Hancock playing the game Save New York on the Commodore 64C computer that was on hand at the meeting:

Tom, John Hancock, C64C playing Save New York - Commodore Computer Club

Steve (Agent Friday) having a good time (all smiles) at the PDX Commodore Computer Club meeting while Ryan is enjoying a nice Pied Piper Pizza dinner:

Steve Agent Friday, Ryan - Commodore Computer Club

Up close and personal with the Commodore SX-64 running EasyProg to program the games Jumpman and Space Taxi to an EasyFlash cartridge:

SX-64 EasyFlash 64 Jumpman Space Taxi - Commodore Computer Club

Club members, guests and friends enjoying some awesome friendly Commodore related conversations:

Members, Guests Socializing - Commodore Computer Club

Here we have the “Wives Club” playing the card game Quiddler (for the fun of words) at the C64 club meeting:

Wives Club playing cards - Commodore Computer Club

C64 Club Members, guests and Commodore friends socializing at the meeting:

Members, Guests Socializing - Commodore Computer Club

Upgrading to the new larger room at Pied Piper Pizza was a wise decision. Look at all the people at our meeting:

Members, Guests Socializing - Commodore Computer Club

Ryan using his laptop to do some hacking with the Commodore Flyer Internet Modem and disk drive emulator:

Ryan programming Flyer Internet Modem - Commodore Computer Club

Here’s another picture showing the large attendance at our recent PDX Commodore Computer Club meeting:

Chuck, John Hancock, Morgan - Commodore Computer Club

Jonathan (one of our youngest club members) playing the classic arcade game Q*bert on the Commodore 64 computer:

Playing Q*Bert on the C64 - Commodore Computer Club

The game Tetris all ready to go on the Commodore VIC-20 computer thanks to the VIC 20 Mega-Cart on hand at the meeting:

Tetris VIC-20 Mega-Cart - Commodore Computer Club

Brandon doing some programming using the Flyer Internet Modem and the Commodore SX-64 computer:

Brandon programming Flyer Internet Modem - Commodore Computer Club

Having some tasty dinner at Pied Piper Pizza in the larger banquet room #4 while enjoying awesome friendly Commodore related conversations:

Members, Guests Socializing - Commodore Computer Club

Rick Weis all smiles while Tommy goes through hundreds of Amiga 500 video game floppy disks provided to the club by member John Hancock:

Tom, Rick Weis Pile of Amiga 500 Game Disks - Commodore Computer Club

John, Gordon and Steve (Agent Friday) having retro computing discussions:

John Hancock, Gordon, Steve Agent Friday - Commodore Computer Club

Seth playing a text adventure game on the VIC-20 using the Commodore VIC 20 Mega-Cartridge:

Seth playing on the VIC-20 with Mega-Cart - Commodore Computer Club

Jeremy, Michael, Dan and Conrad having a good time at the monthly Commodore Computer Club meeting:

Socializing - Commodore Computer Club

Club members Ivan, Tommy, Chuck and a bunch of Amiga 500 floppy disks along with other members seen in the background:

Ivan, Tom, Chuck, Amiga 500 Disks - Commodore Computer Club

Tommy is so excited that he found his favorite Amiga 500 game disks among the hundreds provided by John to the club for free:

Tom excited with his favorite Amiga 500 game disks - Commodore Computer Club

This was a cool find at the buy, sell, trade and free tables: an Atari 2600 game cartridge with Scratch and Sniff stickers that still had smell:

Atari 2600 cartridge with Scratch and Sniff stickers - Commodore Computer Club

Brandon, Paul and Gregory chatting about the Commodore Flyer internet modem and disk drive emulator that was for sale at the meeting:

Brandon, Paul, Gregory socializing - Commodore Computer Club

Tommy’s Commodore Amiga 500 up and running. He had a fun time checking out all the free Amiga software at the meeting:

Tom's Amiga 500 - Commodore Computer Club

Here we can see Greg’s Commodore 64C with EasyFlash cartridge loaded with a bunch of classic video games for everyone to play and enjoy during game time:

Greg's C64C with EasyFlash cartridge - Commodore Computer Club

Greg playing Moon Patrol on his C64C computer while Tom does some Amiga 500 programming:

Greg playing Moon Patrol, Tom Amiga 500 programming - Commodore Computer Club

Steve (Agent Friday), Gregory and Paul chatting about having fun at the Commodore Computer Club meeting:

Steve Agent Friday, Greg and Paul chatting - Commodore Computer Club

Jesse and AEric two long time club members having a conversation about retro computers and classic video games:

Jesse and AEric socializing - Commodore Computer Club

Playing a little Jumpman on the Commodore VIC-20 computer:

VIC-20 Jumpman - Commodore Computer Club

As always a huge “Thank you” goes out to everyone who continues to support and attend our Commodore Computer Club meetings. It’s greatly appreciated.

Our next scheduled meeting will be Friday January 6, 2012, so be sure to mark it down on your calendar. We hope to see you at the next meeting! Come to learn, come to share.

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