Here are some of the highlights from our February 4, 2011 PDX Commodore Users Group Computer Club meeting:

  • Hands on with the ZoomFloppy by Nate Lawson and Jim Brain
  • Played checkers on Earl Evans Commodore PET 2001-8N
  • John Hancock showcased his Bally Astrocade
  • Bally Astrocade Homebrew 4-player “WAR” (Warlords Clone) Demo
  • Discussed the 2nd Annual Cowlitz Gamers for Kids Expo
  • Played games using the C64DTV designed by Jeri Ellsworth
  • Everyone loved playing Oregon Trail on the Apple IIc
  • Kevin Savetz from made a rockstar appearance
  • Lots of new people attended our Commodore Computer Club meeting

Below are some of the fun moments caught on camera at the meeting. Enjoy the photos.

Some of the computers setup at the meeting (Apple IIc, SX-64, MSD SD-2, VIC-20, Commodore 64 and 1541 disk drive both with JiffyDOS):

Setup with Banner - Commodore Computer Club

Katie and Dan playing Oregon Trail on the Apple IIc, Kevin Savetz playing Dragonfire on the VIC-20 and Seth playing Kung-Fu on the Commodore 64:

Playing Games - Commodore Computer Club

Club member Ivan’s very clean Amiga 1000 computer with lots of software provided by long time member Dan from Hillsborro, Oregon:

Amiga 1000 - Commodore Computer Club

Root Beer Tapper on cartridge for the Commodore 64 computer:

Tapper for the Commodore 64 - Commodore Computer Club

Seth, Tommy and Morgan playing various Commodore 64 and VIC-20 games. You can see Dan and his wife Katie in the background:

Members Playing Games - Commodore Computer Club

PDX Commodore Users Group members having a good time socializing at the Vancouver, WA Commodore Computer Club meeting:

Member Discussions - Commodore Computer Club

Earl Evans from the Retrobits Podcast sure loves his PET 2001 computer:

Earl Evans loves his PET 2001 computer - Commodore Computer Club

Commodore Computer Club members Earl Evans, Tommy, Tom (yep, two Tom’s now) and Dan having a nice chat while relaxing at the meeting:

Member Discussions - Commodore Computer Club

Gregory playing Dig Dug on his Commodore 64c computer:

Playing Dig Dug Commodore 64c - Commodore Computer Club

Earl Evans and Morgan from Woodland, WA doing some programming on the vintage 1977 PET 2001 computer:

Earl Evans and Morgan with PET Computer - Commodore Computer Club

Come on and do the Donkey Kong (Buckner and Garcia reference):

Donkey Kong C64c - Commodore Computer Club

Ivan, Earl Evans, Gregory and Tom having some detailed discussions about some cool hacks for the super retro PET computer:

Discussions - Commodore Computer Club

Up close and personal with Checkers on the PET 2001 computer:

Checkers for the PET 2001 - Commodore Computer Club

Bally Astrocade provided by Pacific Northwest retro gaming enthusiast John Hancock:

Bally Astrocade - Commodore Computer Club

WAR a 4-Player Warlords homebrew clone for the Bally Astrocade. Only 21 copies of this game were produced. John Hancock is lucky to own a copy of it:

Bally Astrocade WAR Warlords Homebrew - Commodore Computer Club

Conrad all smiles while he plays some games on the Commodore VIC-20 computer. You can also see a C64DTV designed by Jeri Ellsworth sitting on top of the 1702 monitor:

Conrad with VIC-20 - Commodore Computer Club

Seth playing GORF (one of his favorite games) on the Commodore VIC-20 computer:

Seth playing Gorf on the VIC-20 - Commodore Computer Club

Galileo thermometer also known as a Galilean thermometer was brought to the meeting by new member Tom:

Galileo Temp - Commodore Computer Club

Kevin Savetz playing Oregon Trail on the Apple IIc. This game got a lot of action at the meeting:

Kevin playing Oregon Trail on the Apple IIc - Commodore Computer Club

“Thank you” to everyone who came out to the Commodore Users Group meeting in Vancouver, WA. Your continued support of the Commodore Computer Club is much appreciated.

Our next scheduled meeting will be Friday March 4, 2011, so mark it down on your calendar. As always we hope to see you at the next meeting! Come to learn, come to share.

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