Welcome to summer 2011 Commodore friends! Finally some decent weather. Below are the highlights from our July 1, 2011 Commodore Computer Club and Users Group meeting:

  • Jeri Ellsworth C64 Direct-to-TV (C64DTV)
  • Enjoyed some game time on the Commodore 64
  • Played 100’s of VIC-20 games using the VIC 20 Mega-Cart
  • Show and Tell with club member hardware, software and more
  • Tinker Time: Hacking, Coding, Exploring new hardware, Cleaning of equipment
  • A lot of buy, sell, trade and free deals took place

We also had the opportunity to enjoy the following rockin’ club member presentations:

  • Commodore 128D Buddy Assembler
  • C64 Computer Eyes (ComputerEyes) by Digital Vision
  • CBM PET 4032 Software demo via MSD SD-2
  • George Beker Art from BASIC Computer Games Books
  • How-to add an IEEE port to the ZoomFloppy
  • Building custom homebrew VIC-20 video cables

For those who couldn’t make the Commodore Computer Club meeting, here are some pictures showing all the fun and excitement had by members, guests and friends. Enjoy!

At our meetings we always have a nice selection of Commodore computers. Here we can see a Commodore Plus/4, C64, VIC-20 and a Jeri Ellsworth C64 Direct-to-TV:

Plus/4, Commodore 64, VIC-20, Jeri Ellsworth C64DTV - Commodore Computer Club

Gordon “gsteemso” Steemson and Ryan “Pinacolada” Sherwood working on the Commodore bus extender project:

Gordon Steemson and Ryan Sherwood bus extender project - Commodore Computer Club

Club members, guests and friends socializing at the meeting while enjoying some tasty Pied Piper food and drinks:

Members and Guests - Commodore Computer Club

Kevin Savetz doing his BASIC Computer Games George Beker presentation:

BASIC Computer Games George Beker presentation - Commodore Computer Club

Club members watching and listening to Kevin’s presentation about George Beker illustrator for the BASIC Computer Games books:

George Beker illustrator for the BASIC Computer Games books - Commodore Computer Club

Kevin discussing his two original pieces of art by George Beker. One is even signed and dedicated to Kevin. Pretty cool!

Original George Beker artwork- Commodore Computer Club

John Hancock and Recycled Gamer Chuck Van Pelt playing a little Artillery Duel on the VIC-20 using the Mega-Cart:

Artillery Duel on the VIC-20 - Commodore Computer Club

Brandon and Earl Evans doing a little programming on the Commodore 128DCR. You can see Tom in the background playing on the PET 4032:

Programming on the Commodore 128DCR - Commodore Computer Club

Tommy playing a pretty fun game on the Commodore PET 4032 which was loaded from the MSD SD-2 disk drive using the IEEE port:

PET 4032 Games - Commodore Computer Club

Long-time club member Conrad from the Seattle, WA area having some retro programming fun using his personal Commodore Plus/4 computer:

Programming Plus/4 - Commodore Computer Club

Getting ready for a little tinker time. The plan is to add a IEEE port to a ZoomFloppy designed by Nate Lawson and manufactured by Jim Brain:

ZoomFloppy IEEE Port - Commodore Computer Club

Dan getting things started with the soldering iron and the bottom of the Zoom Floppy PCB:

ZoomFloppy PCB - Commodore Computer Club

Another picture showing Dan showing off his awesome soldering skills while working on the ZoomFloppy project:

ZoomFloppy project - Commodore Computer Club

Gordon having a little game time on the Commodore VIC-20 computer using the Mega-Cart:

VIC-20 Gameplay with gsteemso - Commodore Computer Club

Greg playing the Activision hit Ghostbusters on his Commodore 64c using one of the many EasyFlash cartridges at the C64 Club meeting:

Activision Ghostbusters gameplay- Commodore Computer Club

ComputerEyes system software by Digital Vision. You can also see the Computer Eyes hardware plugged into the C64 user port:

ComputerEyes system software by Digital Vision - Commodore Computer Club

ComputerEyes screen shot being displayed on the Commodore 1702 monitor while running on a Commodore 64 computer:

ComputerEyes screen shot - Commodore Computer Club

Earl Evans with his daughter. Earl’s been busy teaching her how to program on the Commodore 128 computer. How awesome is that?

C128 programming - Commodore Computer Club

Here’s a picture showing members, guests and friends of the Commodore Computer Club roaming around the meeting:

C64 Friends - Commodore Computer Club

Kevin and his friend playing some games on the VIC-20. As you can see, all smiles at the PDX Commodore Users Group and Computer Club meetings:

Commodore 64 Friends - Commodore Computer Club

Members, guests and friends having an awesome time at our monthly Commodore computer club meeting. We always have a fun time hanging out with our Commodore friends:

C64 Friends - Commodore Computer Club

Club member Dan (dano) hard at work making some homebrew VIC-20 video cables. He’s becoming pretty good at making these sought after cables:

VIC-20 video cables - Commodore Computer Club

The game is never over with Game time at the Commodore Computer Club. It’s really fun getting the chance to play some classic retro computer games:

Game time - Commodore Computer Club

More retro gaming fun being had by everyone in attendance at the PDX Commodore Users Group meeting in Vancouver, WA:

Retro gaming fun - Commodore Computer Club

Oh look! A Commodore 16 computer up and running. Usually the TED chips like to go out on these machines, but not tonight my friends:

Commodore 16 - Commodore Computer Club

Morgan, Earl Evans and Dan checking out the buy, sell, trade and free tables. So many awesome deals and trades took place:

Buy, sell, trade, free - Commodore Computer Club

Everyone enjoys the EasyFlash cartridges at the meetings. Here you can see the menu screen:

EasyFlash cartridges - Commodore Computer Club

Look! It’s Tommy being displayed on a 1702 monitor using the ComputerEyes hardware, software and a video camera all connected to a Commodore 64 computer:

ComputerEyes presentation - Commodore Computer Club

Here’s Tommy being a total ham. He did a really cool show and tell presentation of ComputerEyes for the Commodore 64 which was powered by JiffyDOS:

Computer Eyes presentation - Commodore Computer Club

Commodore 128DCR with a super clean keyboard. You can also see the Commodore 128 programming reference guide which was factory sealed until we opened it up at the meeting:

Commodore 128 programming reference guide - Commodore Computer Club

Ian (Tommy’s son) and Tom setting up the video camera on a tri-pod to help stabilize the camera for better captures to be used with Computer Eyes:

ComputerEyes demo - Commodore Computer Club

Earl and his Buddy Assembler manual. Buddy Assembler for the C128 is sort of hybrid between BASIC and assembly language, making it super easy to write ML-based programs:

Buddy Assembler for the C128 - Commodore Computer Club

Here’s a picture showing something you don’t see everyday. Apparently Ian is a yoyo master and he showed off his Duncan Yo-Yo skills to the Commodore Computer Club:

Duncan Yo-Yo - Commodore Computer Club

Thank you so much to everyone who attended our Commodore Computer Club meeting. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

Our next scheduled meeting will be Friday August 5, 2011, so be sure to mark it down on your calendar. We hope to see you at the next meeting! Come to learn, come to share.

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