Greetings Commodore Friends! Below you can check out the pictures showcasing our July 4, 2014 Commodore Computer Meeting, enjoy!

Amiga 500 and Amiga 2000 computers on hand at the C64 Club meeting:

Amiga 500 - Amiga 2000 - Commodore Computer Club

Commodore 64 (64c) computer playing the Space Taxi game, Phoenix CPS-10 power supply and classic Atari 2600 joystick:

Commodore 64 64c, Phoenix CPS-10 power supply - Commodore Computer Club

Thanks to Paul for bringing his Atari 800XL computer along with a pile of game cartridges including Choplifter:

Atari 800XL Choplifter Game - Commodore Computer Club

C64 Friends, Commodore Computer Club members and guests socializing at the monthly meeting at Pied Piper Pizza:

Commodore C64 Friends - Commodore Computer Club

Conrad’s 100% working Commodore 16 (C16) computer with matching C2N Cassette Unit connected up to an Apple Monitor III (A3M0039) green phosphor monochrome screen:

Commodore 16 C16 with Apple III Monitor - Commodore Computer Club

C64c, Apple IIgs and Apple IIe computers on hand for retro computer enthusiasts to enjoy:

C64, Apple IIgs, Apple IIe - Commodore Computer Club

Commodore Computer Club members, friends and guests socializing at the meeting:

C64 Friends Socializing - Commodore Computer Club

Everyone enjoying Commodore Amiga 500, Amiga 2000 and Atari 800XL Presentations:

Amiga 500, Amiga 2000, Atari 800XL Presentations - Commodore Computer Club

Playing some Oregon Trail, a C64 Club favorite on the Apple IIe computer with a run #3 CFFA 3000 card installed:

Oregon Trail Apple IIe - Commodore Computer Club

Uh oh! Commodore Computer Club member and Amiga enthusiast Sal has died of dysentery while on the Oregon Trail hehe…

SAL died of dysentery Oregon Trail Apple II - Commodore Computer Club

Showcasing the Commodore 64c and Apple IIe computers at the club meeting:

Commodore 64c C64c, Apple II - Commodore Computer Club

Lemmings, a C64 Club favorite being played on the Amiga 500 computer:

Lemmings Game Amiga 500 - Commodore Computer Club

A huge “Thank You” to everyone from the Pacific Northwest and surrounding area who continue to support and attend our Commodore Computer Club meetings. It’s really appreciated.

Our next scheduled meeting will be August 1, 2014. We hope to see you at the next meeting! Come to learn, come to share.

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