Remember the 1970’s TV show The Jeffersons? Well like them, the Commodore Computer Club is “Movin’ On Up” to a larger room at Pied Piper Pizza starting our December 2, 2011 meeting.

This is pretty exciting club news to say the least, so let’s take a moment and recap how we got to this point of needing a larger room which has happened a few times in the clubs history.

The Early Days:

When the Commodore Computer Club was officially founded back in April 2010 with 5 friends, we had our weekly meetings and game days at various member homes.

That was great at first, since we were a small, humble and manageable group of retro computer enthusiasts, but then we started to expand and get more friends interested in the club.

Becoming More Public Friendly:

Sometime in early May 2010 we decided it was time for an official meeting place. After some searching and group discussion, we decided on Pied Piper Pizza in Vancouver, WA.

Once we started officially having meetings at a public place, our attendance really started to pick up basically meaning more hardware, people and good times, not a bad thing to happen to a retro computer hobbyist group.

As of July 2010 we started to only have meetings on the first Friday of every month (no more every Friday). This allowed for more planning and scheduling to get more people coming to the Commodore Computer Club meetings and events.

At this point over the next few months we saw a steady increase in attendance and hardware being brought to our meetings making us a happy bunch of retro computing geeks.

Introducing Our Club To Approximately 1,200 People:

The Commodore Computer Club was part of the 5th Annual Portland Retro Gaming Expo on September 18th and 19th, 2010:

This was awesome for our PDX Commodore Users Group and Computer Club by providing major exposure to 1,200+ like minded people around the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Time For An Upgrade:

After getting more exposure thanks to the 2010 Portland Retro Gaming Expo, things really started to pick up for us.

  • October 1, 2010: Because of the huge amount of hardware, software and people at this meeting, it was decided that we should start using the large banquet room for all future Commodore Computer Club meetings. View recap and photos.

For the rest of 2010 room #3 at Pied Piper has served us well, which brings us to the entire reason for this blog post.

Continuing To Grow In 2011:

The C64 club has continued growing at a nice pace since the beginning of 2011 with member and guest attendance, hardware presentations and demos which are at a record all time high. Room #3 is doing well but is starting to seem small as we reach the third quarter of 2011.

Like in 2010, the Commodore Computer Club was once again a vendor at the 2011 6th Annual Portland Retro Gaming Expo and kicked it up a notch by being one of the official sponsors of the event plus we were instrumental in bringing David Crane and Garry Kitchen to the Expo.

Thanks to being one of the sponsors at the 6th annual PRGE, we were able to show 1,500+ people what the Commodore Computer Club is all about. How rad is that?

Everything done to date so far has helped boost interest in our club which is awesome, however with more interest comes more people, more hardware and less room for all of the above.

Movin’ On Up:

Over the past couple of months a lot of evaluating has been going on for the club, especially since we’re in the home stretch of 2011.

  • As of the October 2011 meeting and almost one year to the day since the last time we did a room upgrade, it’s official, the Commodore Computer Club needs more space.

Lucky for us Pied Piper Pizza has another private banquet room across the hall that can handle an occupancy of 80+ people. We recently checked it out at our November 2011 meeting and it’s going to work out perfectly for us. To quote Charlie Sheen: Winning!

This new room is geektastic: more tables, electrical outlets, better floor plan, windows and so much more! It’s sure nice having the same physical meeting location for over a year and half that can provide us room to expand.

Starting our December 2, 2011 meeting, please join the Commodore Computer Club in banquet room #4 just across the hall from our previous meeting room.

“Thank you” to everyone who has continued to support the PDX Commodore Computer Club and Users Group. It’s greatly appreciated. We’ll see you at an upcoming meeting!

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