Today is the one year anniversary of the Commodore Computer Club (USA) being founded.

In the past year, the Commodore Computer Club and Users Group has really grown. It started off with just a few friends hanging out, playing games on retro computers and consoles, chatting, having BBQ’s, etc and now we have 15-20 people on average at our monthly meetings.

If you would like to see what’s taken place over the past year with the Commodore Computer Club, take a look at our timeline page that covers just about everything in the clubs history to date.

Here are a few memorable moments from the past year:

Indeed, many fun and exciting things have taken place the past year. Here’s to another awesome year moving forward and expanding the Commodore computer club and users group.

As Commodore founder Jack Tramiel use to say:

Commodore computers are for the masses, not the classes

A lot of our members feel the same way about the Commodore Computer Club, it’s for the masses, not the classes.

For those wondering, yes we do have some pretty classy people who attend our meetings and special events :) however what we really care about is just having a good time and fun with our various Commodore and other retro computers.

Our personal motto: Come to learn, come to share. All are welcome, just leave your attitude and drama at the door.

“Thank you” for your continued support Commodore friends, it’s greatly appreciated.

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