Greetings Programs! Commodore Computer Club member Brandon B. (hardware and software designer of Commodore Flyer) from RetroSwitch recently co-wrote a new game for the Apple II computer called Retro Fever. Check it out:

Most if not all of us into the Commodore 64 or other retro computers probably got our start using Apple II’s in school back in the day, so having a new homebrew game for 2014 is pretty cool!

You play as an Apple II enthusiast trying to add to their collection. In other words, you play as you! Objectives include collecting the computers from a recycling center, fixing them in a repair shop, and protecting them from the yellowing effects of the sun! Standing in your way is an evil businessman who only wants the computers to resell on eBay for inflated prices! Other obstacles include reckless drivers, overgrown lab rats, and your angry wife who wants you to sell your “junk”. This game has it all!

Source: Retro Fever

This game is a lot of fun and we’ll have it to play at upcoming Commodore Computer Club meetings when the Apple IIc is available for use.

You can buy the hard copy version of the game which includes Disk + Manual + Ziplock Baggy for $17.00 USD ($22.00 USD if international) and shipping is included.

What’s cool is you can also download a disk image for free for use with Apple II emulators, however the C64 Club does recommend purchasing the floppy version as it helps to support the Apple II community and the development of more homebrew games.

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