Back in December 2009 the Toronto PET User’s Group created a CD containing the entire TPUG Disk Library and earlier today I received my copy of the CD thanks to friend Ernie Chorny, the TPUG Secretary:

TPUG Library CD

TPUG Disk Library CD is loaded with over 1,100 disk images (D64 and ADF) containing over ten thousand programs for the:

  • Commodore 64 – C64
  • VIC-20 – VIC20
  • Amiga Computer
  • Commodore 128 – C128
  • Commodore Plus/4
  • PET Computer

If that wasn’t enough, there is also Historical Photos, Emulators, Tools and the Library Catalogs in PDF format. This CD is a priceless piece of Commodore computer history.

The TPUG CD is awesome and will be a great resource for the Commodore Computer Club and Users Group. Anyone who doesn’t already own it, you should pick up a copy from TPUG.

As I sit here writing this C64 Club blog post, I’m thinking it’s really nice how Commodore user groups around the world can get along, be friends and share information with each other.

“Thank you” again TPUG for the Toronto PET User’s Group Users Group Disk Library CD. It will now become a permanent piece of my Commodore computer and software collection.

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