The guys from the CCL (Commodore Connection Line) presented November 19-21, 2010 in Stuttgart (Germany) on the “Hobby and Elektronic” Consumer Show a Commodore 64 (C64) running under water (aka U64).

They tried to keep the C64 running for an hour and the third try was successful. That’s a new world record.

Here is the video showing the presentation. Keep in mind that everything is in German, however I’ve translated it into English below the video:

Hobby and Elektronik, 2010, Stuttgart. The board of a Commodore 64, an hour under water. All components except SID are present.

To safeguard the network an isolating transformer was used. First failure after about 3:30 minutes (missing Wasserverwirbelung as defective pump).

Restart – Second failure after about 25 minutes (problem unknown, probably the current has found a short cut).

The failure is not on video, only the restart – Then without any problems 1h endurance.

More information (in German) can be found by visiting:

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