YouTube user and C64 enthusiast obliterator918 recently did an awesome Commodore 64 mod using a uIEC/SD mass storage device with control switches and JiffyDOS:

Here’s some information about specifics from the video description:

I mount a uIEC/SD mass storage device internally in the case along with control switches, add JiffyDOS, a reset switch, and give it a new paint job.

This is such an awesome idea for a case hack and system modification. Nicely done!

If you want to pick up JiffyDOS or a uIEC/SD device, be sure to check out Jim Brain’s online store RETRO Innovations. The C64 Club highly recommends any products done by Jim Brain.

Video Source: Commodore C64-C Gold Mod: uIEC/SD, JiffyDOS, Reset Switch

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